New blog?

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In the meantime, I’m in my new Blogspot.

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What happened yesterday in Suph’s house.

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Britney Spears – getting crazy?

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I reckon she’s suffering from mental illness after so many things happened – after her so-what-I’m-not-wearing-panty incident, getting her divorce with K-Fed and making friends with that biatch, Paris Hilton. I kinda feel sorry for her.

Look at her transformation!


New Year.

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Gosh. Time flies. You see, one day you are waiting for CNY to come and the next, it’s already coming to an end. Not really actually but it is already the third day of the New Year! So freaking fast.

This year’s angpaos that I have collected are not much. I’m not that disappointed but just kinda sad cause I really want a MP3 player that badly. I’m planning to but maybe Sony Walkman (the USB port) 2 GB for like 500 bucks. Or if I have enough money, Apple’s iPod Nano 2 GB will be nice. It is about 800 bucks I think. OR Creative Zen or whatever Creative’s product. But the nicest to get is iPod 80GB! I have so many things to put inside that player. My precious songs, KDrama and KMovie. *sigh*

So, New Year’s not really been great. As usual, I’m stuck at home. Reading my novels over and over again. Coming online, blog. I think I’m the only one who blogs everyday. Freaking scary. And bored.  But then, I just love the decos around my house. The oh-so-red big ribbons and the flowers. Hah. Just lifts up my mood.

Went to Pontian yesterday for visiting. That old boring town. I was like so bloody bored there. Got nothing to do except eatting. Haha. And those kids playing bicycles around the house. But, I’m in love with my cousin! He’s like so freaking cute and good looking. He only speaks Cantonese and not very clear. OMG! Haha! This is the first time I love kids. I’m weird.

And plus, had a good barbeque in my dad’s friends house. Freaking rich people. The food were marvelous, though. Muahaha! But, B.O.R.I.N.G. Argh, I’m glad we will not go there the next year.

That’s how I spent my new year. I’m hoping for some real nice fun visiting people’s houses this Thurs with the whole bunch of crazy people including King! And KOREAN BBQ this Friday if can.


The MUFY girls! Got this from Shu Hui’s blog. Love them lots! Haha!

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New Layout!

Yeay! Love that vector girl there. New scheme colour. I’m sick of white. BOO!

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Ok. I had to rush to add this entry so I will not have to wake up so early tomorrow to come and blog. I just downloaded two albums this morning. Featuring 30 Seconds To Mars and 10 Years. I haven’t really listen to these two whole albums yet. :(

#o1. I didn’t actually know that this band existed. And I didn’t know Jared Leto was a famous actor. I only know that he was Cameron Diaz’s ex and had with fling with that sicko, Britney Spears. Anyway, back to the album, it was released like 2 years ago already! Hah! I’m so outdated.

Basically, I love the song The Kill. Maybe one of the best songs I have ever heard. I have to give credits to Jared Leto’s amazing screaming voice. Not every singer can do it, you know. The Fantasy and Saviour are nice too. I think most of their songs are slow at the beginning and it will be very very nice (with all the drums and guitars) in the chorus. From Yesterday is a slow tempo song with a great audio effects on Leto’s voice.  Love it. However, their songs are quite monotonous as all their songs sounded the same.

By the way, they really sound like Taking Back Sunday + Dashboard Confessionals.

#o2. 10 years. Who the hell are they?


Heh. So. I find their songs rather nice. Not that heavy metal kind of songs but nice, not those really noisy kinds. I find Wasteland the nicest songs in this album. One of the noisiest songs. Half Life and Through the Iris are noisier. While Seasons to Cycles is a slow tempo song with the orchestra as the background music. I love the jammings. You just feel like jamming too! And The Autumn Effects! I love the last part, when the whole song suddenly stops and till like 10 seconds when you think that the song is already over, there will be like jammings and some really peaceful audio sound! The song is about 9 minutes plus!

Though I find them similiar to Radiohead a bit.

So, my new year will never be the same again with two great albums for me to listen to!

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Something nice to watch. Panic! At The Disco’s But It’s Better If You Do. Very caberet. The usual P!ATD style. And the main character in this music video is also Brendon Urie, the frontman of this group. All about having affair and stuff. 

So enjoy! 


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